Bhabapagla used to teach his followers and disciples in a very attractive but lucid manner. So, his doctrines are also something different. His doctrines are like -
(a) Duty is beauty. Do your duty sincerely and you will surely find divine grace.
(b) Always remember god, kill egoism, abluish brutality, cut illusion, drink ambrosia. (c) To abolish castiscism he wrote- There is no difference between the Bible and the Koran, Hindu and Muslims .  It is only ignorant soul that creats distinctions.

Now a days, the earnest devotee and disciple of Bhabapagla Swami Someshananda Giri (Mob: 09339842442)and Bhabar Gopal Bhai preaches and explains these doctrines, at different places in different schedules in Bengali and Hindi

His presence and personality was so amiable and attrative, that no one could escape from the bondage of his love and attraction.  His beautiful smiling face is the shelter to eternity and strength for life to every of his devotees whether he is a poorest of the poor or a rich and respectable personality.


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