Introduction Of Bhabapagla


Bhabapagla was the son of Sri Gajendra Mohan Chowdhuri and Smt. Gayasundari Devi of reputed Chowdhuri family. He was born on 17th October 1902 at Amta Village of Dacca in Bangladesh.

Though educated upto class six, his literary creation – that is his devotionals songs, demands deep insight and philosophical mind.

Surrounded in a complete family life with wife Smt. Shaibalini Devi and three children, he not only experienced god rather he may be called the very incarnation of Heavenly power.

After the partition of India and Bangladesh, Bhaba came to this West Bengal of India at Kalna of Burdwan district, for the rest of his life.

Bhabapagla is the creator of almost the largest number of songs, around the world. He has created innumerable songs (more than 10,000 approximately) for human consciousness. In most of his songs he is both the writer and composer.

In Paris, a Govt. affiliated Research group has published the long playing records on the devotional songs of Bhaba and it has achieved great applause. Now many students are researching on the literature of Bhabapagla and becoming the career of M.A. and M. Phil degrees.

Even songs of Bhabapagla has entered into the syllabus of the University of Kalyani of West Bengal (in India).

The Bengali Academy of Dacca has published a biography of Bhabapagla named ‘Jiban O Gan’ in Bengali.

As a manifestation of Hevenly power Bhabapagla possessed immense divine power which he used for human welfare. But he was totally against in its publicity. So, here we are giving only one or two examples.

  • From his very childhood days Bhaba used to visit crematorium in his birthplace at Amta in Dcca of Bangladesh. Bhakulia is such a crematorium just beside village Amta. Once he was sitting there, suddenly Goddess Kali appeared before him and ordered him to draw the picture of the Divine Mother herself. Bhaba, being an adept painter drew an exquisite sketch of the Divine Mother.
  • His earnest disciple and devotee Mr. Nandala Das was suffering from cancer almost twenty – five years back. Then he was almost in dying condition. At that time he suddenly met with Bhabapagla, his spiritual master. At that meeting Bhaba Pagla cured him completely by only his mere wish. From then on Mr.Das offered his whole life at the service of Bhaba by doing the duty as In - Charge of  'Bhabar Harbola Mandir-Digha'.  After serving for about 15 years he breathed his last on 13th Oct 2006 .

There are lots of such supernatural incidents in the life history of Bhabapagla. His teachings are something different. He preached for human consciousness in a very lucid manner. His teachings are like: –

  • Duty is beauty. Do your duty sincerely and you will surely find divine grace.
  • Always remember god, kill egoism, abolish brutality, cut illusion, drink ambrosia.
  • To avoid casticism he wrote – There is no difference between the Bible and the Koran, Hindu and Muslims. It is only the ignorant soul that creates distinction.

He had kept himself unrecognized to the people in his lifetime.

On 26th February 1984, he left his divine body for the Heavenly abode.

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